Race That Way 

*** Top Free Game in over 150 countries ***

Race That Way is the most online racing game with features that bring you to the new world of racing, you will see it when playing the game.

ONLINE RACING: Challenge with other racers all over the world

REAL CAR: cars with speed, gas, brake and accelerate as it is in the real world

REAL ROAD: city roads, roads on the bridge, roads along the beach, roads with snow and road across the desert

REAL CHALLENGE: racers will meet many challenging stuffs on the road: cars, barriers, people or a hole. You have to have an excellent skill in driving to avoid it.

STEERING: You have to use accelerator of your device to turn left or right.

CONNECTIVITY: We also integrate well with Facebook, don't hesitate to share your achievement to the community, let them know how well you race

The game offers in-app purchase to buy cars and roads which at high levels.