Apitiny - a social networking for events 

The app links everyone to events around them


- Create an event and share it with the community

- Search events you'd like to join

- Share your thoughts via comments on the events

- Make friends

 Race That Way 

*** Top Free Game in over 150 countries ***

Race That Way is the most online racing game with features that bring you to the new world of racing. You will see it when playing the game.

ONLINE RACING: Challenge with other racers all over the world

REAL CAR: cars with speed, gas, brake and accelerate as it is in the real world

REAL ROAD: city roads, roads on the bridge, roads along the beach, roads with snow and road across the desert

REAL CHALLENGE: racers will meet many challenging stuffs on the road: cars, barriers, people or holes. You must have an excellent skill in driving to avoid it.

STEERING: You have to use accelerator of your device to turn left or right.

CONNECTIVITY: We also integrate well with Facebook. Don't hesitate to share your achievement to the community. Let them know how well you race

The game offers in-app purchase to buy cars and roads at high levels.

 English Spanish 

More than 50,000 people around the world using English Spanish app every day for their daily conversation. The app comes to the world to leverage both your English and Spanish with these cool features:

1. Search English and Spanish common sentences with just a keyword

2. Show images as sample

3. Save all words searched

4. Connect easily to community to share what cool you see just a tap.

 Up Jump Down 

Play Up Jump Down, the new game with experiences from nature and animals. In Up Jump Down, you have to control the animals and don't let them fall away into a free fall! Go as far as you can, collect food to get your high scores. Simple touch controls it super easy to play but difficult to master!

PLAY GAME IN ALL DEVICE: Up Jump Down supports all screen side of Apple device: iPod, iPhone, iPad

SHARE THE SCORE TO YOUR FACEBOOK: Take an Up Jump Down screenshot and share the score table to your feeds on Facebook

CONNECT TO COMMUNITY: Up Jump Down is among top 20 games for your reference. Then who know, you can make friend from the game via Facebook