In the era of soaring information technology and Internet, job searching, entertainment and other trading, e-commerce have changed significantly. Awaring that such trend would c impact both society and economy all around the world, Nguyen Hiep Software (NH Software) has been founded with the ultimate goal: getting huge from the most trivial things.


On the basis of skillful, experienced team always seeking for renovation and breaking the boundaries, NH Software can offer the best technical solutions and supports to meet the most detailed demands of our customers no matter which field they are working in.


NH Software deeply understand what makes a decent product - skills and passion of people who create it. We strongly believe that we can carry from the most basic benefit the more valuable ones due to the fact that every application or software we have created conveyed the most powerful emotions from us.

Our products & services

Business development solutions
Software based on website
Automation Test for available websites
Mobile applications on Android and iOS


Event - Based social network

Apitiny.com is the first event-based social network in Vietnam with outstanding features as follow:

- Simplizing ticket process

- Connecting organizers and attenders via live streaming

- Events, courses and seminars are managed easily, visually with our administraion system

- Searching and adding friends with other attenders

- Creating your own events with optional time and venue


Recruiting of the new era

Platform of searching, connecting, appraising job for both employers / companies and employees / applicants.

- WEMATCH POINT feature fusing with A.I techonology would help employers seek the suitable applicants and vice versa with accuracy up to 90%

- Searching based on location feature would help employers access the suitable applicants fast depending on distance between workplace and home address

- Creating recruiting announcements for free every month on Wexym.com. This feature helps employers approach applicants much quicker

- Easily create CV on Wexym.com with more than 20 unique, diverse templates. They can also be exported as PDF file

- WEXYM SCORE feature would allow employers and employees to give feedback about each other. This also assist us in creating a fair recruitment environment


Spa & Cosmetics

Customer: Shynh House - The biggest spa and cosmetics institution in Ho Chi Minh City

- Shynh House Application is a more convenient version of website www.shynhhouse.com with useful features as follow:

- Looking up customer information and service data Access and consult to customers online

- Setting up a date with customers

- Following up customers’ services history

In order to expand and enhance the service quality as well as management system, Shynh House has cooperated with NH Software to survey and develop technology to provide the best services for our dear customers.


Spa & Cosmetics

Shynh House Premium is the luxuxious brand of Shynh House - the biggest spa and cosmetics institution in Ho Chi Minh City.

Shynh House Premium has some uniquenesses as follow: State-of-the-art devices and technology

- Experienced and well-trained staff, experts

- International standard infrastructure

- Easy to set up a date, receive advices online via modern

- Application and website

After 5 years of developing, Shynh House Premium now has 03 spa and beauty salons from the North to the South of Vietnam.

Shuynh House Premium is now having state-of-the-art hair elimination technology as well as expert team with enough experience to meet the demand of every kind of customer.

Trần Hữu Tâm

Founder of Nguyen Hiep Software, Wexym, Apitiny.

With mindset: be expertized and exact right from the start, after graduation, he joined Starhub - the biggest telecommunication company in Singapore, instead of domestic ones. His ambition did not stop there, he went to US to work for a software company called Webonyx before being a member of Wizeline - one of the biggest technological and service company of Mexico

After accumulating 16 years of experiences from all other foreign market, anh came back to Vietnam and immediately founded Nguyen Hiep Software. Later on, he launched the first two brands which is Apitiny.com - the first Vietnamese event-based social network and Wexym.com - an application and website providing recruitment services based on A.I platform

He believes there are no boundaries in terms of passion for technology. His most ambitious desire is being able to create softwares which allow people to use them in daily life and provide benefits for the society. Trần Hữu Tâm - the one who is always willing to spread the flame of passion to every member of Nguyen Hiep Software in order to build a strong team who work with stable mind and invest with the whole burning heart